I am in Chamonix. Climbing and flying pretty much every day. This summer I would like to progress in paragliding and the weather is epic! I do a bit of guiding, but only what I am happy to squeeze in between my private activities.

I listen to a new podcast by Sam Harriss related to AI and medicine. Super interesting.

In tech I wonder whether there is a protocol that would work under water. Bluetooth or wifi cannot stream music while I swim!

I keep doing Wim Hof Method pretty much every morning. Being very active with my body, climbing, mountaineering, paragliding, I find this method perfect to help me stay without all those nagging things that accumulate with subjecting my body to constant stress and load. I am learning more about keto diet and slow carb diet. Trying to incorporate it into my travelling lifestyle. Also fasting is on my radar…

Food – slow carb diet! Thanks Tim Ferriss for making me aware of that. Keto was a bit too intense.

I am learning Spanish. I just spent 3 months in South America and speaking the language opens so many more doors.

Though I ponder “Power does not corrupt, power reveals”.

Books I read –

Blueprint. How DNA makes us who we are.

Atomic Habits