Now is Wanaka, New Zealand! I am now guiding in Southern Alps. Trips such as Aoraki/Mt Cook, Tititea/Mt Aspiring and others are on cards. Wanna come and play in those mountains, send me a message…

Also in preps ski-touring trips in Chamonix and Austria in March, plus ski-mountaineering in Bolivia for April and ski-touring Argentina in September. Get in touch for details! And some alpine mountaineering in between…

Very strong part of New Zealand mountaineering is weather. We are experiencing extremely volatile patterns. As guides and clients, we need to be fully switched on, be ready to go when it is ON, yet also be ready to accept what is and find happy place without reaching our goals.

Reading – The Moment of Lift, by Melinda Gates. This book is showing me how to deal with situations I feel need improvement. Be it my immediate surroundings or global issues.

Body, mind, wealth – our weight is a reflection of our daily habits
                                    – our wealth is a reflection of our daily habits
our mood is a reflection of our daily habits

I have time. I can decide to rent it to others and get some money in exchange, but I will never recover time spent. Being more focused on how I let it pass by.

What I ponder –

“The emotionally intelligent person knows that love is a skill, not a feeling, and will require trust, vulnerability, generosity, humor, sexual understanding, and selective resignation.”

Alain de Botton