Bonjour! I am in France! Last week I had successful surgery in Czech Republic with Dr Zubr. He removed the piece of metal holding my tibia together. He did super low impact job and I was able to walk couple of hours after the procedure. I am now on my way to the Alps. Guiding, flying, climbing!

I listen and re-listen this gem from Naval Ravikant about wealth creation.
Another podcast I am listening to is Tim Ferriss with Julie Rice. Intense!

In tech I am interested in electric pick ups. I would love one! For now, there is Rivian. Is it a car build around software or software supporting physical car? What will Tesla do?

I keep doing Wim Hof Method pretty much every morning. Being very active with my body, climbing, mountaineering, paragliding, I find this method perfect to help me stay without all those nagging things that accumulate with subjecting my body to constant stress and load. I am learning more about keto diet and slow carb diet. Trying to incorporate it into my travelling lifestyle. Also fasting is on my radar…

I found out that the best thing to be sharp and awake during the day is to completely avoid sugars/carbs and snacking. Every time I get back to those, I do experience energy crashes. Then only a nap will do…

I am learning Spanish. I just spent 3 months in South America and speaking the language opens so many more doors. I also like to close my eyes, then open them and remind myself that this is what life is. It is what is happening now where and when I am.

Though I ponder “Power does not corrupt, power reveals”.

Books I read –

Blueprint. How DNA makes us who we are.

Atomic Habits