Now is departure. I have been in USA for over a month now. Very happy I had a chance to participate at Planet Home event in San Francisco. Cross-over between TED and art based immersive experiences with solutions for global warming. After that I had couple of weeks in Aspen, exploring new sport for me – mountain biking! Epic! And then joined Guayaki on their intro dinner to 1 month of activations in LA. And the departure? Or planned arrival? Nepal! for 1 month! Come over!

Reading – Other Minds – The Octopus and Evolution of Intelligent Life. Mind boggling goodness.

Bio-hacking – I engage fully with regular 72h fasting periods, cold immersions and right nutrition. What is right to eat? Let me know your thoughts, either on Twitter or Instagram!

I am learning Spanish. I spent 3 months in South America and speaking the language opens so many more doors. Duo Lingo is the App.

What I ponder – by William Blake

“Great things are done when men and mountains meet, this is not done by jostling in the street.