Couple of weeks ago low pressure came and took over the Mont Blanc valley. Cold front, rain and snow ended late summer climbing conditions. Some were stoked and got their skis out, for some, me, the snow was too early.

We started to look around for good weather and warm rock. And inevitably, Italy came up on our radar.

And we were not alone. Host of climbers from Germany, Netherland, France and other parts of Europe found their way to Otrafinale. The paradise of limestone, good food and rest days by the sea.

Simple life of good sleep, interesting conversations, quality food, morning routines and giving it our all at the wall feels so refreshing in the 2020 madness. Some hard things are hitting vast amounts of people. With Covid19, #BLM, violence and general insecurities linked to it all.

To find good company you can trust, on and off the ropes is priceless gift. Give it to each other as much as you can.

I am offering climbing instruction and coaching in October and November. You will learn the ins and outs of dynamic belaying, partner’s communication, good practice of support on the wall. Falling will become indistinguishable from climbing and we can add functional strengthening and movement tips from Kristy, professional therapist working with climbers’ injuries.

If you and your partner, or a group of friends want to push your game, use video analysis, and work on the above, send a message.

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