Updated May 31, 2024, from Chamonix Valley, Northern French Alps.

Life with crutches means distance.

With my complex femur fracture, I cannot load my leg for 2 months at least.

And all of sudden, perception of space is biased. Things look far. Cup of tea is hard to move in the room. Wet post rain ground seems dangerous. Always asking for help for basic things appears snobbish. Friends are around. And they help a lot. For some, helping comes so naturally. And they care. Amazing lessons to be learned. I am back home now. My partner has 1 and a half child she needs to take care of. Every day I do my journey to physiotherapy. Hitchhiking. Usually people will drive me directly to the clinic. But occasionally I was dropped on the other side of town. Few hundred meters on crutches are real effort. Doing all this mobilisation and activation work. But I won't know what is happening until June 18, when I have the control x-ray appointment. The Gofundme page does give us enormous level of tranquility. I can focus on our small child and recovery, not worry about the rent. How precious.

New film cought my eye. Pig at the Crossing. Check it out.

This is NOW for now.