Updated May 8, 2024, from Orthopedic Reeducation Center, Cluses, France.

Raw physical pain is real.

Flat light, unplanned air time on skis, broken femur and plans are changed.

Two and half weeks ago I was guiding above Glacier d'Argentière. We were quite conservative, as visibility was rather mediocre. By the end of the day, I skied down what I thought was continuous surface. It was not. Airborne. Hurtling down towards rocks. Incredibly, I only hit my right leg. Femur in pieces. Femur pain is insane. It does not help, that I am opioid resistant. Well, the advantage is I do not have to deal with constipation and withdrawal symptoms. The hard part of guide's getting injured is - we have no income when we don't work. Not much of a safety net. This time though, friend guide JB (you might recall we paraglided off the summit of Aconcagua together) stepped in and started a page to help and bridge time I cannot work. Amazing group of people stepped in and now, my partner, our 5 weeks old child and I can relax a bit.

New film cought my eye. Pig at the Crossing. Check it out.

This is NOW for now.